The Turning has become the second movie of 2020 to receive the rare F score on CinemaScoreafter tallying up audience reactions over its release last weekend. It follows Nicolas Pesce’s remake of The Grudgewhich was also slammed with the low score earlier in January. Including The Turning, only 21 movies have ever received an F, beginning with 1999’s Eye of the Beholder. The Turning and The Grudge are the first films to get an F since Darren Aronofsky’s unsettling psychological horror flick mother! in 2017.

Starring Mackenzie Davis, Brooklyn Prince, Joely Richardson, and Stranger Things Finn Wolfhard, The Turning is adapted from Henry James’ novel The Turn of the Screw. It follows the story of a young governess, played by Davis, who is sent to a remote mansion to watch over two orphans following their parents’ deaths. The film is directed by Floria Sigismondi, known for the Joan Jett/Cherie Curie biopic The Runaways. Steven Spielberg is also credited as an executive producer on The Turning, which was produced by DreamWorks and distributed by Universal. So where did things go wrong?

Up until around ten years ago, it wouldn’t have surprised anyone for a horror movie — any horror movie — to be slammed by audiences and critics alike. Besides campy fan-favorite slashers, it was hard for a scary movie to be taken seriously. But with the resurgence of the genre in the form of beautifully-shot, nerve-fraying psychological thrillers, it’s kind of surprising to see two high profile horror movies fall so unbelievably flat this early in 2020. At least we have A Quiet Place Part II to look forward to.

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