Andrew Cuomo and his brother, Christopher, are one of the greatest comedy-brother teams since The Smothers Brothers.

Gov. Cuomo has been a regular on Chris Cuomo's "Cuomo Prime Time" on CNN during the coronavirus crisis. During his appearances, they would talk about serious topics and then usually end their segments with something funny...usually a "mom always liked me best" kinda thing. I have a younger brother and their exchanges reminds me of my brother and me talking and ripping each other all the time.

In today's press conference, Gov. Cuomo had CNN anchor Cuomo join him to talk about his own diagnosis with COVID-19. It was serious and you could tell the governor was concerned about his little brother's condition...but not so concerned that they couldn't rip on each other a little bit too.

Check out the segment between the two at about 23:00 in the video. They start teasing each other about fishing at about 29:00.

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