Alright, let's face it: You've got your Halloween songs and you've most certainly got your Christmas songs. But Turkey Day? Thanksgiving musical "classics"? No. It's...there's just not a one! Can you think of one? There's probably a novelty song one or two banging about, sure, but nope. Thanksgiving-themed songs just aren't sexy, festive or spooky enough to warrant a sizable market of songs.

But! There are songs about giving thanks. Tons of 'em! And isn't that what this holiday is really about? As it turns out, plenty of our favorite pop stars have all gotten in on the action of setting gratefulness to song: Mariah Carey thanks you, Kelly Clarkson thanks you, Alanis Morrissette Thanks U, Carrie Underwood thanks God for hometowns (which, in retrospect, would have made a great addition to our Homecoming playlist), and Christina Aguilera thanks — who else? — her fans. (#BuyLotus!)

To get you into the Thanksgiving spirit, we've put together some of the most thank-iest themes in pop. Don't thank us! Or, well, actually do. 'Tis the season!

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Celebrities eating things:

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