Keeping Up With The Joneses
The stress of keeping of with your neighbors is REAL. All the sudden, everyone's lawns are perfectly manicured it seems and I'm struggling!
When Life Gives You Lemons…
So I was supposed to get married in 19 days. April 25th, 2020 was the date we were looking forward to for a year and a half, and because of this whole Coronavirus thing, we've had to postpone. But I decided to take advantage of the situation. Will I be successful?
Things To Do In Quarantine This Weekend!
As I continue to do my part in social distancing, I know that once I leave work to go home, I'll be there all weekend. Here are some things to do while you quarantine at home this weekend.
How Are You Handling Public Interactions?
It's interesting, this whole Coronavirus thing. Some people are scared to death of it and some brush it away and say it's ridiculous, but with the polarizing views on things, how do you handle public interactions like this one?
Stay Home: Extended!
And somehow my belt is getting shorter... My goal was to lose some weight in this time but it seems every day is opposite day!
Things To Do At Home This Weekend
Okay, so usually on Fridays, the world is all like "yaaaassss Friday!!!" and Spring is officially here, the weather should be decent this weekend, yet we have to stay home! Here are some things you can do while you quarantine to keep from being bored out of your mind.

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