Ethan Harris Visits WSRK [Video]
This past weekend, Ethan Harris, performed at the Herkimer County fairgrounds and ran into many familiar faces.  Country singer James Wesley, was one of them!
Lazy T — Race Cars and More Memories [Photos]
I am so grateful for the excitement and support you are sharing with me about LAZY T playing one last show. We'll be opening for John Michael Montgomery at the Foothills Performing Arts Center on November 9th, 2012.
Lazy T Recalls Some Concert Moments [Photos]
Lazy T has had the great privilege of opening for a number of great country acts.  I'm almost afraid to start listing them because I don't to forget any, but here goes:  Marc Chestnutt, Leeroy Parnell, David Lee Murphy, Steve Azar, Shenandoah, Michael Peterson, Earl Thomas Conely, um, I am forgetting some...oh I need to personally add Willie Nelson and Confederate Railroad.  Probably one of the co