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New Study Reveals Avocados Promote Weight Loss
People often avoid avocados because they're high in calories, but a new study reveals an avocado a day can actually help you shrink belly fat and lose weight.  The high level of avocado calories – about 240 for an average-sized fruit – come mostly from the fat content or 24 grams of fat, but in contrast to processed foods that are high in saturated fat, these natural "good" fats in avoca
What is a Calorie Deficit and Should You Try it For Weight Loss?
Calories get a bad rap. In essence, they are the way to measure your body's energy source, a simple unit for the fuel that keeps us driving and thriving, derived from the food and drink we consume. Each of us requires different amounts of energy, depending on our age, daily activity level, body composition, innate metabolism, and even our stress levels (we burn more when under the gun). ... Read M
Is Losing Weight As Easy As Breathing?
Losing weight is as easy as... breathing? Yes, it's true, though you have to commit to the type of breathing exercise that works to calm the sympathetic nervous system, lower the stress hormone cortisol, and help the body shed fat. Studies have shown breathing exercises work to promote weight loss and help you feel calm and energized...