Laurens Central School Craft Fair [Audio]
I would like to thank Laurens Central School students, Derek Sherry, Samantha Becker, and Skye Houch for coming in this morning.  The French Club and French Program at LCS are hosting the event but the craft fair will benefit a variety of LCS organizations including Colorguard, Yearbook, Key Cl…
Art on a Budget
One of the delights of being a twenty-something is the constant state of being practically broke. But just because I don't have a lot of disposable income to spend on expensive art pieces doesn't mean my apartment is bare.
Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts for the DIY-Inclined
Okay, so it is Thursday and you have a mere 3 days to figure out what to get Mom for Mother's Day. Well, I am here to make your life a little easier with a few inexpensive, handmade gift ideas that will make her grateful she raised such a thoughtful kid!