Valentine's Day seems to be the holiday that sneaks up on us every year and leaves us scrambling to find the perfect gift to surprise that special person in our lives.

Even in 2022, not much has changed — and guess what? It's nearly that time again!

PopCrush wants to help you shower your loved one with affection on Feb. 14 this year.

We've rounded up the most unexpected, thoughtful and just plain interesting Valentine's Day gifts that are sure to put a smile on your darling's face. (We would also like to see less last-minute trips to Walgreens, where people frantically clamber over the last heart-shaped box of chocolates.)

In the name of love, here's our list of what people really want for Valentine's Day 2022.

Surprising Swoon-Worthy Gifts for the Ladies:

  1. House Plants: Who doesn't love a little added greenery to spruce up a room?
  2. Memory Keepsake Box: She cherishes her memories, so add a little security and organization to her life with this heartfelt gift.
  3. Silk Robe: Wrap her in luxury. She will feel like a queen.
  4. What I Love About You Journal: This vulgar journal can be filled with jokes that will keep her laughing.
  5. Your Heart: A plush anatomical heart is a great way to raise the pulse of your brainy S.O. It's a great option for people working hard on the front lines of the medical field, too!

Surprising Swoon-Worthy Gifts for the Fellas:

  1. Steak Subscription Box: Stack his days with all of the meats, delivered right to his doorstep.
  2. Lobster Dinner: Shell out some cash on a nice lobster dinner. He will appreciate you so much he will introduce you to everyone as his "butter half."
  3. Craft Beer: This is a no-brainer, heavy-hitter, always-appreciated gift among man-cave dwellers.
  4. LED Strip Lights: You will be shocked at how much fun he has placing LED strip lights around his space. Trust us: adult men are glowing over this gift idea.
  5. Deep Tissue Massager: Everyone needs to work out a few knots, but who said your fingers have to be cramped for being the at-home massage therapist? This is a great gift for both of you.

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