My little family lives in the woods and if there's a bug that resides in this area, we've seen it, I'm sure. From crickets to stink bugs, beetles to monstrous spiders, we've either seen one crawling around the outside of our house or even sometimes inside our house. Sometimes we even go bug hunting in the woods, at the request of our son (not my favorite activity, but you know...).

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The insect that likes to surprise us the most is crickets. They sneak in behind us when we open doors from the outside and hop into the dark corners of our basement entryway, hiding until nighttime when they pop out and sing. All night long. We've gotten in the habit of shaking out our shoes before putting them on our feet because crickets like to crawl into them.

I'm not the biggest fan of bugs but can deal with most of them. Except for one. I can not handle stink bugs, not even a tiny bit. I had a terrifying experience a few years ago when a stink bug flew into my shirt and right down my bra when I was driving on the highway. Those little buggers could cease to exist and I wouldn't be too terribly sad.

The men in my life like to tease me about my lack of love for bugs, but at least I can say that while I'm not a big fan, I'm certainly not paralyzed with fear when I see one. And on that note, it's nice to point to a survey which breaks down the stereotype that women are more afraid of bugs than men are.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Zevo, discovered that while 22 percent of women say they are “very scared” of bugs, 32 percent of men said they were "very scared" of bugs. Sure, the margin is small and the results are based on just one survey, but we'll take it, right ladies?

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