Stern has been on a musical roll lately with their pinball machines. AC/DC was a big hit and now they're going to take on the kings of metal themselves -- Metallica.

Rumors were flying for months that Stern was going to tackle another band-based pinball, but no one knew which group they had decided on. Metallica's name had been tossed around pinball forum boards and it looks like the pinheads were right -- Metallica is coming to rock the s**t out of your arcade.

Stern released this Master of Puppets infused teaser video with frontman James Hetfield officially announcing Metallica as Stern's next pinball machine. The pin will feature songs like Master of Puppets, One, Creeping Death, The Unforgiven, Seek and Destroy and more. If you've ever wanted to get a neck injury banging your head while playing pinball, than this is the machine for you.

Some quick behind-the-scenes shots also show the board layout and features. Will this be Stern's best pinball yet? We don't know. But we're betting it'll be the loudest.

Check out the teaser video below.

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