Harry Shearer is an actor, voice actor, comedian, writer, musician, radio host, and all-around funny guy. Most people know if as either Derick Smalls the bassist from Spinal Tap or they know him as one of the many voices he does on The Simpsons. He's the voice of Mr. Burns, Smithers, and insufferable neighbor Ned Flanders.

Now, Harry Shearer is parodying Donald Trump in his upcoming album, "The Many Moods of Donald Trump", a collection of satirical songs inspired by the last four years of US politics and our President.

The first song that's been released is "Son In Law". A song in praise of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. The video of the track uses groundbreaking motion-capture animation to portray the US President singing about his senior advisor and the husband of his daughter Ivanka. At one point it shows the spookily real Trump with his hand casually hovering over the nuclear button on his desk in The Oval Office, whilst extolling the virtues of his daughter’s curves. You have to check out the video, if for no other reason to see this technology in action.

Harry Shearer called into Q1057 and talked to Steve King about the video that was released on YouTube Monday, July 27th.

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