It’s not uncommon to see a short film in front of an animated feature from Pixar. But typically those shorts are by Pixar; created in-house for the express purpose of playing before their movies. Pixar’s latest movie Onward has something different: A short film from The Simpsons.

Called “Playdate with Destiny,” the new short features Maggie on a ... well ... a playdate with destiny. At least that’s all we know from the Instagram photo announcing the news:

The last Simpsons movie short was “The Longest Daycare,” which also primarily focused on Maggie. Released in 2012, it played in front of Ice Age: Continental Drift, and was even nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short. (It wound up losing to Disney’s “Paperman.”) Now Disney owns Fox, as well as The Simpsons, and so this sort of corporate synergy can take place.

So if you‘re going to Onward this weekend, be prompt so you can see “Playdate With Destiny.” I’m sure parents will look forward to explaining who The Simpsons are to the very small children they’ve brought to the latest Pixar feature.

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