Perhaps you have heard about the latest threat to our nation. No, not coronavirus; that was the last last threat to our nation. The new one is the “murder hornet,” a “giant Asian insect, with a sting that could be fatal to some people” and has now arrived on our shores. Yikes.

Why am I telling you this? Because, like so many aspects of life, The Simpsons seems to have predicted it — in the same episode that kinda sorta predicted the coronavirus. We’ve talked about that episode before; that’s Season 4’s “Marge in Chains.” Back in February, when the coronavirus was just beginning to make waves in the United States, Simpsons fans observed a similarity to that show, when an “Osaka Flu” winds up in Springfield after germs travel to America inside the boxes of products manufactured in Japan.

There are a lot of differences between the Osaka flu and coronavirus — to date, there’s no evidence that anyone’s gotten sick from packages they ordered from overseas, for example. Still, there was some resemblance to life in 2020. Then someone noticed that in that same episodes, killer bees ravage the citizens of Springfield as they beg for a vaccine to the Osaka flu. In other words: Murder hornets!

This is true. Watch the flip for yourself (or watch the entire episode on Disney+):

All right, I was really skeptical about this whole prediction thing when it was just a scene or two in this random episode that bore a fleeting resemblance to coronavirus. But now you add in these murder hornets and I am ready to go all in: The Simpsons have the power to predict the future. Any chance you guys could predict a better future next time? Maybe one with less murder hornets and more hugging?

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