When is the right or wrong time for a breakup? That's been a dilemma plaguing mankind (emphasis on "man") for yearsThe usual no-nos are right before Valentine's, Christmas or their birthday. Although if your going to do it anyway, isn't it better to do it before these occasions occur and not after because you'll save money...Asking for a friend.

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Well new for 2020 is this question: Is it okay to break up with someone now during the coronavirus pandemic? A survey was taken recently and the results were about even. Men leaned toward breaking up now while women want to wait.

Here's another problem if you want to break up during COVID-19. We've been told forever NOT to break up by text. I realize with self-quarantine that it could be difficult so this could be your way out if you are anxious (cowardly.)

You could tell them that this is the best (safest for you) way during these difficult times. So if you are going to go that route, don't send these messages:

I've made a couple of bad decisions in my life. Giving you my number was one of them.

Are you dumping me right now??? Because if you're not then I am.

I love you to death...but I don't want to die right now.

Never is really the right time for a breakup but in the words of Traci Taylor, "Suck it up buttercup" and try to do it in person.

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