Robin Thicke is pulling out all the stops on his quest to win Paula Patton back. Not only did he pen his new single 'Get Her Back' about his estranged wife, he is now reportedly naming his upcoming album 'Paula' in her honor.

According to E!, the album will contain 'Get Her Back,' and is set to drop on July 1, Rap-Up reports. Since the pair announced their split in late February, Thicke has stopped at nothing to quite literally "get her back," making his intentions known everywhere from TMZ to front and center at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards stage, where he first performed his new single.

Though he denied that his raunchy act with Miley Cyrus at the 2014 VMAs was the cause of his split (and later vehemently denied the same about an alleged affair with a masseuse), there is no denying that Thicke is quite the ladies' man. While still married, he was photographed dirty dancing with another woman and even grabbing a fan's butt. Yikes.

For his part, Thicke has claimed that Patton is a fan of his very public gestures to win her back, saying in March:

"She loved it," he claimed of Patton's reaction to him dedicating songs to her on tour. "She thought it was the sweetest thing and very romantic, and I’ve always been a romantic guy that way.”

And as for 'Paula' the album, Thicke explained that he is going to put everything on the table.

“Everything about this moment in my life – this amazing year I just had and what I’m going through personally – has actually ignited some of the best writing I’ve done in a long time,” he said at the time. “Whatever everybody’s wondering about, they’re going to hear it all in the album.”

Patton and Thicke had been married for 9 years when they announced their separation, though they had been together since they were teenagers. The couple have one son together, 3-year-old Julian.

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