A group of about 70 people, divided on the issue of a turbine wind farm for the town of Richfield Springs turned out to a Richfield Springs town board meeting. According to AllOTSEGO, a new comprehensive plan and associated zoning code has been created but still needs approval.  That could come next Monday at a September 30 meeting at 7 p.m.

Some say the plan and code were developed by West End neighbors to block the five-turbine Monticello Hills Wind Farms, and that the resulting documents are too restrictive.

Town Board member Fred Eckler, along with Town Supervisor Paul Palumbo favor further study and revision of the plan and code. Instead of voting on the current proposed plan, both made a motion that next week’s meeting be spent assessing the county inputs, adjusting the documents, then voting on them at a later date. However, council members Larry Frigault, Rex Seamon and Kane Seamon voted that motion down. They want to push the vote through next Monday.

To complicate matters, Town Supervisor candidate Nick Palevsky had submitted a petition signed by 25 percent of voters, enough to force a “super-majority” vote on the comprehensive plan and code. If that petition is found valid, a 4-1 vote would be required, giving Palumbo and Eckler the ability to block approval. The meeting ended with a vote on the plan still scheduled for next Monday.

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