Rep. Antonio Delgado held a Congressional Town Hall in Sidney on Thursday night.  A standing room only crowd greeted him at Awestruck Cidery, a new and successful small business in Delaware County.

Delgado took questions from the crowd for over an hour.  Topics ranged from health care to teh Mueller report and possible impeachment of President Trump, to expanding cel phone and broadband access in rural areas and to taxes.

The congressman has held a number of town hall meetings throughout the 11 counties in his district.  All of them have attracted a large crowd, and just last week he held a publich meeting at Roots Brewering Company on Main Street in Onetona to which over 100 people attended.

Teri Schunk, the president of the Sidney Chamber of Commerce said, "We are delighted that our congressman chose Sidney for a public town hall.  From the size of the crowd here tonight we can tell that people are focused on the events going on around us in the state and the country.  We are pleased to welcome Congressman Delgado here to our beautiful village."

All the seats filled and people were standing in the back and the sides of the cidery
Awestruck Cider in Sidney is a popular success with the public and a role model for other small businesses in Delaware County
Teri Schunk, the new president of the Sidney Chamber of Commerce, was pleased to welcome Rep. Delgado to Sidney