A picture says a thousand words and clearly Randy Houser thinks I'm, oops I mean WSRK, is number one!  Cool guy.  In the picture is my fabulous sister, Michelle Kane, cute nephew Connor Kane , incredibly talented Randy Houser, me, and my handsome husband Pat Coleman.  This is where country stars really differ from other music genres.  Randy did a series of meet and greets last Saturday night at the Oneonta Theatre.  We were last but not least.  My nephew has a broken arm and Randy took the time to ask Connor about the baseball injury and even signed his cast.  He took a few minutes to chat with us before our pictures were taken.  Randy Houser, and country stars in general, get it.  Take time with the fans and you'll get a lot of support in return.

This man can sing.  This man can play.  This man can write.  This man can entertain.  Total package!  He has more soul than any artist I've seen in long, long time.  His voice can make you feel rowdy, heartbroken, or proud.  He can really relay each song's message with every note.  And his guitar...incredible!  He can make you feel the same way with every note from his guitar.  A real talent.

On a personal note, being in radio has given me the privilege to meet a lot of singers/musicians which is awesome, but...they are always shorter than I had pictured them, like my height (5'5).  Crazy right?  Not that it really matters.  Just weird.  Maybe because they are stars, I expect them to be larger than life.   By the way, Randy Houser, who is taller than me, clearly broke this mold.  In fact, he breaks the cookie cutter mold of most of today's stars.  Cool drink of water!