Not too long ago we shared with you our girl Lana Del Rey‘s latest video for ‘National Anthem,’ where she portrays everyone’s favorite former first lady Jackie O. And just two days ago, pictures surfaced from her new H+M campaign (she’s the new face of the retail giant after all). Does this girl ever stop?

That would be a giant “no,” because the singer is about to release yet another video off of her incroyable — that’s French for “incredible;” we’re fancy — album ‘Born to Die.’ A 30-second teaser for the video ‘Summertime Sadness’ has been found, and it features Del Rey frolicking around what looks to be a major LA-area estate. The look of the footage is even reminiscent of her first video ‘Video Games.’

Actress Jamie King appears in the video, though we can’t make her out in the teaser. King’s husband, filmmaker Kyle Newman, and Spencer Susser directed the vintage-style clip. ‘I Am Number Four’ star Alex Pettyfer was also reportedly on the set, helping out as a production assistant. LDR is going A-list!

We have to wonder if A$AP Rocky will be making a cameo in the vid, since the two were featured alongside each other in her video for ‘National Anthem,’ where he played an African American JFK to her aforementioned Jackie O. Did we mention that the chemistry between these two is bonkers and people actually thought they were dating?

“She’s a genius like … n—a look at this b—-, I wanna f— the s— outta her,” Rocky said of Del Rey. “Look at her, she’s gotta be in her late 30s and s—.” Well, she’s only 26, but we’re sure LDR appreciated the colorful compliment nonetheless. “I was like squeezing on her buns and all that s—, doing all that perverted s—,” he said of shooting the video. “That was the fun part.”

So maybe there’s a sequel in his future!

Watch the ‘Summertime Sadness’ Teaser

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