Most modern pop fans have eagerly tweeted about how their fave has “slayed” the charts/your faves/the stage at one point or another. But what if the slaying actually happened to your pop faves? Not literally, of course!

Thanks to the wonderful world of Hollywood, many of pop’s brightest lights have endured a screen death (or, in the case of poor Fergie, two). From Kylie Minogue's unfortunately brief turn in San Andreas, to Madonna's demise in Body Of Evidence, to the gruesome goodbyes of both Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber on CSI, we've rounded up some of the best, most hilarious and most gruesome pop star death scenes in TV and film.

In the terrifying spirit of Halloween, we're checking out the pop stars who have bitten the dust on screen. Check out the video below, as well as even more scenes in the gallery above!

Celebrity Halloween Costumes

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