You have one chance to guess which state this man is from. Did you say Florida? BINGO!

On February 9th, 59-year-old Florida man, Eugene Bingham, is facing charges for causing disturbances and tussling with police officers while claiming to be Mick Jagger.

Getty Images / Lee County Sheriff's Office
Getty Images / Lee County Sheriff's Office

Monday evening, Bingham was intoxicated and started to cause disturbances at two eateries in Naples FL. It started with Bingham yelling at patrons, then evolved into getting up on stage while a live performance was going on.

Police received a call from a witness reporting that "a drunk male in a red shirt is yelling at people claiming he is Mick Jagger."

Bingham had wandered away from the restaurants before cops arrived at the scene of the disturbance.

Bingham was later located at a nearby park where he allegedly charged a Naples Officer, then fell to the ground in a "drunk unstable state." He began directing threats at one patrolman then ended his drunk night by vomiting in the back of a cop cruiser.

Bingham was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, a felony, and disorderly intoxication, a misdemeanor.

This was not Bingham's first encounter with officers. Last month he was convicted of trying to break into a marked police car parked outside a Perkins restaurant. When officers approached Bingham, he claimed he heard a female screaming from inside the car. He proceeded to tell officers he was a combat vet and possed AK-47s and AR-15s. An officer reported "he wanted to strangle me" and that he had "bullets that would rip right through your body armor."

To read the Naples Police Department report, click here.

For those who are not familiar, the REAL Mick Jagger is a 78-year-old singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer who achieved international fame as the lead vocalist and founding member of the English rock band, The Rolling Stones.

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