Ariana Grande might be gearing up to release Sweetener, but it's her groom-to-be Pete Davidson who's bringing the sugar.

Davidson, who confirmed to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that he and Grande are engaged, helped celebrate his betrothed's birthday in style with a 25th birthday message that would make any Arianator smile.

"happy birthday to the most precious angel on earth! you’re my favorite person that ever existed :) i love you sm," Davidson wrote in one image, and added in another: "one more for the queen. words can’t express what a real f------ treasure this one is."

And fans gushed over the pair of shout-outs.

"i think he’s just gonna spontaneously explode from too much happiness," one wrote, while another noted "This may seem weird but I’ve stanned Ariana for about 9 years now and I have never seen her happier than she is with you, and I just want to say thank you for being so kind and loving and wonderful to her."

The message comes just a day after Grande left an aggressive Instagram-message to fans urging them to cut it out with all the Davidson-hate. Some Arianators continue to question the couple's legitimacy considering the lightning-quick speed at which they've moved.

"hey pls stop w the hate and all the nonsense opinions n stuff," Grande messaged a fan who'd started a bit of trouble. "it's no fun for anybody in the fandom nor for me. i love y'all a lot... like family. and i work really hard to make u happy. please be supportive and kind to each other and about my life if that's ok. that's all i ask in return. have a good night."

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