The Otsego County Conservation Association has updated its map showing parcels with natural gas leases in Otsego County.

Created from publicly available data on record at the Otsego County Clerk’s Office, the map shows all parcels found to have been under a gas or oil lease since the late 1990s and the status of those leases as of December 7, 2012.

No new leases were identified in the period since the last version of the map was published in December of 2010.

According to updates made by the Otsego County Conservation Association environmental planner Rima Shamieh and Martha Clarvoe, special projects manager, over 1,1000 parcels -- totaling over 72,600 acres, or 11 percent of the land in the county – have been under at least one lease since the late 1990s. Of those 70,600 acres, only a little over 29,000 were still under a valid lease as of December 7.

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