For the first time in New York State, voters can vote in-person before Election Day at a central voting location in Otsego County. All registered voters are eligible to vote at the Meadows Office Complex, Classroom A, 140 County Highway 33W in Cooperstown. Voting early is the same process as voting on Election Day.Early voting begins on Saturday and we have the hours posted below:

Saturday, October 26th: 1pm-6pm
Sunday, October 27th: 9am-2pm
Monday, October 28th: 7am-3pm
Tuesday, October 29th: 12pm-8pm
Wednesday, October 30th: 12pm-8pm
Thursday, October 31st: 7am-3pm
Friday, November 1st: 7am-3pm
Saturday, November 2nd: 1pm-6pm
Sunday, November 3rd: 9am-2pm

To find out more information on voting or elections visit

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