Remember when Otsego County decided in 2020 that due to financial reasons, the Oneonta Motor Vehicles Office had to be shut down permanently? According to AllOTSEGO, the county board reported that the revenue from the Cooperstown DMV and the Oneonta DMV were compared and the numbers were clear as to which office to shut down forever - the Oneonta location. Oneonta's office generated $500,000 while Cooperstown’s DMV generated $4.5 million in sales tax, making the Cooperstown DMV 9 times more productive than Oneonta.

Naturally, by closing the Oneonta DMV, some staff were let go saving further dollars for the county which was in deep debt and forced to cut costs across the budget.

So here we are in 2022 with one Department of Motor Vehicles office in Otsego County and it was announced earlier this week that because of staff testing positive for COVID, the only DMV in the county had to be closed for the week. The office was closed Monday and will remain closed until Monday, January 10 when it will reopen for business.

The county's DMV office suggests that if people need DMV services, they visit the Albany DMV website, to conduct their related business online if possible. If you can't get it done there, you won't have to wait much longer to go in person to the Cooperstown location.

The announcement from Otsego DMV also mentions that for those that had road tests scheduled for this past Monday, they have been moved to the same time Thursday, January 13.

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For up-to-date information from the Otsego County Department of Motor Vehicles, visit

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