These 12 New York State counties rank among the smallest in population for the state.  Each is sparsely populated and located in a rural area.  Still, each of the dozen counties has a surprise or two waiting for a news visitor to explore.  From unique museums, to amazing natural sights, to out-of-the-way tourist destinations, each is worthy of a days visit from you.

NY's 12 Smallest Counties and Why You Should Visit Them

There are 62 counties in the state of New York. The largest (by population) is Kings County (Brooklyn). It has a population of 2,726,002 people. But, there are far more smaller counties in the state than larger ones. This list takes a look at the smallest counties in New York, with all of them in some region of Upstate New York. Even though they are sparsely populated, each has a few places that any NYS road warrior might want to stop at and explore. So here are the 12 smallest counties (by population as of 2010) in the state and what you might find on a visit to each of them

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