Nobody does a hall of fame like New York does.  Our state has everything from halls of fame dedicated to great scientists, writers, politicians, dancers, and a hundred other topics.

Lets talk for a minute about the wonderful sports halls of fame and museums located in Upstate New York.

We have big ones and small ones.  Places that are dedicated to some of America's great sports and sports heroes, and some smaller ones dedicated to the legends of "off the grid" sports, like fly fishing for example.  All are wonderful.

Of course our Upstate region is blessed to be the home of the most popular sports museum in America, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York.  Hundreds of thousands of fans visit this tiny Otsego County village each summer to enter the shrine of memories holding all the great moments given to us by Mantle, Mays, Koufax, Ruth, Jackie Robinson and so many other.  Dads bring their kids.  Grandfathers bring their kids and their grandchildren.  it is just that kind of a place.  Fantastic!

But as you see on this list of 8 of the best sports museums and halls of fame in Upstate New York there are smaller, yet no less interesting, sports to reflect on.  Stock car racing, fly fishing, and even bare knuckle boxing are all listed in this story.

We hope you will put these great, hallowed halls and museums on your summer list of places to visit in Upstate New York.

Road Trip! Sports Halls of Fame and Museums Are Everywhere in Upstate New York

Warm weather means road trips. And there is no better road trip in Upstate New York than to visit the many sports halls of fame and museums in the region. From the Hudson Valley to Western New York you will find museums and halls of fame dedicated to boxing, horse racing, baseball, stock car racing, fly fishing, and many other sports. Here are 8 of the best in Upstate New York.

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