In countless small towns and villages across Upstate New York, we find one special place in each community.  Sometimes it is a big place, sometimes, small.  Sometimes it is called a village green and sometimes it is called a town square.  No matter.  These places are usually the beating heart of what makes these places so special.

Here is a list of ten very small communities that have wonderful village greens.  These are lush green spaces, usually right in the middle of all the action in town.  They almost all have the hallmarks of what makes a village green so wonderful, things like old-fashioned lamp posts, war monuments, band gazebos, walking paths, park benches, and more.

You will enjoy reading about the village green in tiny Angelica, NY.  This green sees townsfolk play a game that is perhaps not played in any other place.  And they have been doing it for over 100 years.  The village green in Delhi in Delaware County doubles as a courthouse square.  It is so quintessentially American that it caught a painter's eye 70 years ago and his work, depicting the happy residents of Delhi enjoying their village green, made it onto the front cover of the Saturday Evening Post!  Yes, the photo is included in this gallery.

We hope that you enjoy this list and since we can't mention all the village greens or town squares across the state if you have one that you are particularly fond of (maybe in your hometown) we invite you to give it a mention over on our Facebook page!

Village Greens Are At the Heart of These Upstate New York Villages

Some call them village greens. Some refer to them as town squares. Many are courthouse squares. But they all refer to a pretty green space in the heart of town where people meet up to enjoy conversations, community activities, and fresh air with warm sunshine.

All of these ten villages are small, but they have great village greens which are the heart of what makes them such special places in Upstate New York.

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