Academy Award night in Hollywood is the culmination of a year in review of the greatest films ever made.  These events garner large audiences of TV watchers, from the early red carpet pageantry to the final "Best Picture of The Year" award usually presented late in the evening (often too late).

So who are these winning stars?

Well, New York State takes a back seat to nobody when it comes to the pride of producing many of the most gifted actors of all time.  In New York City, for example, there are literally hundreds of great actors who were born in the five boroughs, with dozens having won or been nominated for an Academy Award.  The list is a Hollywood showstopper:  Jimmy Cagney, Barbra Streisand, Mickey Rooney, Robert De Niro, Edward G. Robinson, Al Pacino, and on and on it goes.

From Upstate New York, we can claim as our native sons and daughters some great Academy Award contenders also.  Here is a list of 13 of Hollywood's brightest stars who were born in Upstate New York.  They have either won or been nominated for Oscars on numerous occasions.  And you will recognize their honored films in a heartbeat.  Classic dramas, laugh out loud comedies, epic action films, and more.

The Hollywood celebrities who stood in the glow of Oscar hailed from large Upstate cities like Buffalo and Syracuse, to mid-size cities like Kingston and Troy, and to smaller, more rural towns like Canandaigua (population 10,000)  and Fairport (population 5,000).  All of them did their birthplace right in their amazing careers.

Again, these were those who were contenders and winners only.  As Oscar night approaches, lets give them a standing ovation for their supreme achievements in the history of film and a big high-five from all of us here in Upstate New York.

13 New York State Actors Who've Been Nominated For Oscars

When it comes to movie's highest award, the Oscar, New York State remains far ahead at the top of its native born who have been winners or nominated for the top cinema prize.

But what about Upstate?

Here is a list of 13 movie celebrities who spent at least a moment in the spotlight of Hollywood's big night. Each of these famous people either won an Academy Award or were nominated for their film work.

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