The month of April has many "celebratory days" to honor and pamper our pets.  The first one to come up is April 11, "National Pet Day."

All of these special days are fun and a wonderful way to celebrate our pets, as if they need any more celebrating than they already receive!

And while April 11 is set aside as a day to honor all pets, this gallery focuses on doggies.  And cat lovers, relax!  There are several other days in the month to honor other types of pets, so kitties will get their due coming up soon.

This gallery looks at 12 small, independently owned pet stores, dog bakeries, and pet boutiques that are scattered around Upstate New York.  You will find them everywhere, of course, but we like these dozen.  I have a dog, "Harry," and he really starts to pull when he senses we are near a pet store.  He loves the homemade and very tasty doggie bakery treats and of course is always looking for a new toy.  He goes crazy in these stores.

Check out the pet boutiques in particular.  As you will see, there is almost nothing they cannot do to pamper your pooch.  And how about the mobile pet boutique in the Hudson Valley!  Very cool (it is on this list).

So here is to you, our fine furry friends.  And, in fact, to all pets everywhere!  And remember, if your favorite pet store or boutique did not make it onto this gallery, feel free to give it a shout out over on our Facebook page!

Celebrate National Pet Day at These Fun and Fantastic Upstate New York Pet Stores

There are many celebratory pet days in the month of April for all kinds of pets. April 11 is the first one to come up (National Pet Day), and while this day celebrates all pets, we are shining the spotlight on a dozen great places for your doggie to revel in. These pet stores and dog boutiques, scattered all around Upstate New York, are awesome! And cat lovers relax, we will celebrate kitties later in the month of April!

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