Fewer drivers means less car accidents which means more money in your pocket.

Let's face it. We would much rather be stuck in traffic living our normal lives right now. But as all deal with challenging circumstances related to COVID-19, we will be seeing a little relief that is a result of us all staying home.

According to a Times Union story, New Yorkers should be seeing a 10 to 25% reduction in auto insurance rates in the very near future. Not as many people are on the roads, which has led to fewer accidents and lower risk for those who issue insurance. The end result? The Times Union says our auto insurers have lower payouts and those savings will be passed along to you as soon as your next bill.

This is the crazy thing about all of this: normally, saving cash like this would be the best thing ever. The flip-side is the circumstances that to led to the savings: for so many right now, this will only provide a small fraction of the relief they truly need. As I wrote above, let's hope we are all dealing with Capital Region traffic again soon. That will mean we are all back to work, and gladly paying higher insurance rates.

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