This week kicks off National Nurses Week and we send our appreciation and thanks to all those nurses, especially front line workers in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

We especially want to thank New York nurses as a new study shows that New York is the worst state to be a nurse in.

Wallet Hub recently released the results of a survey ranking the 2020 Best and Worst States for Nurses. In ranking the states a number of factors were observed in making the determinations.

The survey states there were two main dimensions used to determine the rankings including "Opportunity & Competition" and "Work Environment." Under those two umbrellas, a number of relevant metrics were measured.

Overall, New York State finished dead last with a rank of 50 for "Opportunity and Competition." In the category of "Work Environment" New York finished 31st. A big factor in deciding this ranking was annual salary adjusted for cost of living.

The state that ranked the highest for being a nurse is actually Oregon. No matter how hard things are for nurses here in the state, we appreciate every single one of them and thank them for all they do. There is no doubt with the Pandemic upon us they are needed now more than ever.

This survey may show New York as being the worst state for nurses, but New York nurses are no doubt the best.

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