On this day,  July 10, 1985,  The Coca Cola Company announced that they would resume selling the old coke formula after the new coke formula flopped.  July 11th, 1985, the original formula returned and is now known as Coca Cola Classic.  Do you remember when New Coke came out?  It was probably one of the biggest risks taken by a major company in consumer goods. 

I remember when it came out.  Bill Cosby was pitching it so we all thought it must be good.  As I recall, I didn't think it was bad but I liked the old coke better as did just about everybody else.  This was huge.  People were mad about the change.  Protest groups were formed, complaint calls were made by the thousands per day, people wanted old coke back.

I asked Dan if he remembered "New Coke".  He clearly did not.  Well, considering he was born in 1986, he missed the whole wave.  That made me realize, I am now that person who walked five miles to school, through a snowstorm, all up hill.

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