Is controversial country singer Morgan Wallen's new song "Tennessee Fan" a response to rumored girlfriend Megan Moroney's viral hit "Tennessee Orange?"

Fans have been speculating that Moroney's song is about Wallen ever since it released Sept. 2.

Furthering the theories, Moroney and Wallen interacted in a series of comments on Instagram that seemingly alluded to a possible relationship. Wallen even commented "GBO [Go Big Orange]" on Moroney's post about her song, to which she replied with a blushing emoji.

Wallen posted a snippet of his upcoming song "Tennessee Fan" to his Instagram Oct. 16, reigniting the relationship theories.

He shared a snippet of the song in celebration of the University of Tennessee's football win over the University of Alabama, which broke a 15-game losing streak. "Guess the joke's on Alabama 'cause they lost big this time," Wallen sings.

The song tells a love story between a girl from Alabama and a boy from Tennessee:

"...we went to the bar right after / Met a girl with a houndstooth print of her chapter on her shirt / And it turned into talkin' all night / She came back with me 'cross the Vol state line..."

Listen below:

Granted, Moroney is from Georgia. On "Tennessee Orange," she sings "in Georgia they'd call it a sin" in reference to wearing "Tennessee orange for him." However, the parallels between the two songs are strong. Both are about someone falling for a fan of one's revival team, with the University of Tennessee's football team, the Volunteers, at the heart of each song.

Wallen similarly addresses team rivalry in his song, singing, "She was raised 'Roll Tide' 'til the day she die / But ever since that night she's been a Tennessee fan."

And while Wallen's song is about a girl from Alabama, it's well known that the Georgia Bulldogs are another rival of Tennessee.

One Instagram commenter also noted that Wallen's song mentions the Delta Gamma sorority. Moroney was reportedly part of her university's Kappa Delta sorority. Coincidence?

While the two country stars could very well just be friends playing into the rumors via social media, the two songs are certainly ironically timed.

Regardless of whether or not "Tennessee Fan" is actually in response to Moroney's song, however, fans agree Wallen's song tease was "perfect ... for the occasion" this past weekend.

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