"Mike Tyson's Fight Night" is coming to Albany this month.

The Cage Wars company - which calls itself "The Nation's Leading Pro/Am Mixed Martial Arts Promotion" - announced Tyson's appearance for its July 22-23 event at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center in Albany. The two-day event is slated to showcase boxing on Friday, MMA on Saturday. The action on both nights kicks off at 7p.m. Tickets start at $54 for each night at CageWarsMMA.com.

Tyson actually began his career in Albany at the Egg. The then-18-year-old Tyson TKO'd Hector Mercedes in the first round after pummeling him with body shots.

Tyson receives a lot of attention on social media when he posts clips of himself training. The clips show the 55 year-old is still not one to mess with. He returned to the ring for an exhibition match against Roy Jones, Jr. in November 2020, which resulted in a draw.

Triller Presents Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.
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Tyson's history with Albany extends beyond boxing. In 1989, he received two speeding tickets in just 10 days for drag racing his Lamborghini through the streets.


A few months ago, Mike Tyson made headlines after repeatedly punching a man on the on an airplane who annoyed him. The man in question was intoxicated and wouldn't leave the boxing legend alone. No charges were filed after the incident.

Check out the YouTube clip of Mike Tyson's debut in Albany below:

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