Michael Bublé, classy crooner that he is, recently posted an Instagram picture of a woman's butt — and it is causing a lot of controversy.

The much-talked about photo — which you can see above — shows the singer purposely posing for a picture (taken by his wife, no less) next to a woman wearing short shorts that don't entirely cover her backside.

"There was something about this photo lu took, that seemed worthy of instagram," the singer captioned the photo, using the hashtags, "#myhumps #babygotback #hungryshorts #onlyinmiami #picoftheday #beautifulbum."

While some argued that he was just merely complimenting and admiring the woman's #beautifulbum, many felt that the picture was entirely inappropriate and baby-shamed the woman. (That #hungryshorts hashtag didn't exactly write itself).

"F---ing disgusting," one Instagram user commented on the pic. "Have some respect you misogynistic prick - what gives you the right to take a picture of a stranger and comment on their body and what they choose to do with it? I thought better of you."

"She's not a f---ing circus sideshow, she's a human being," another wrote. "Nobody deserves to be made a spectacle."

Whether or not Michael Bublé was openly body shaming the woman, there is no denying that it definitely brings up the issue of publicly shaming someone, a phenomenon that has only increased thanks to the prevalence of camera phones, blogs like People of Walmart and exhaustive social media. Is shaming of any kind really ever okay?

Michael Bublé, for his part, has yet to comment on the controversy.

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