And they say romance is dead!

Singer Meghan Trainor and her husband, actor Daryl Sabara, have come up with an interesting solution to a very real parenting problem.

What do you do when you’re caring for your baby, and you and your partner both need the bathroom? Most couples would take turns taking care of the baby — and taking care of business — but not this one.

Instead, Trainor and Sabara installed two toilets right next to each other in their shared bathroom, that way they can both go if the urge hits them at the same time when they’re caring for their son.

Per People, the singer defended the unconventional design choice to host Nicole Byer on the podcast Why Won’t You Date Me?, where she revealed that "a lot of times in the middle of the night when we're with the baby, we gotta pee at the same time. So I was like, 'Can we please have two toilets next to each other?'"

And apparently, nothing is off-limits: Trainor spilled that she and Sabara have even gone Number 2 together while on baby duty, and she even encourages him to join her. (Don’t worry, that’s only happened twice.)

It takes a lot of love to be willing to see your partner in such a... vulnerable state... so it’s safe to say this couple is madly in love. After dishing about her unique bathroom situation, Trainor gushed about her relationship with Sabara; how much he cares about her; and how he’d do anything to make her life better.

To each their own! (But maybe not when it comes to using the bathroom...)

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