Hours upon hours are being spent streaming content to keep us busy as we continue to practice social distancing and abide by the stay-at-home orders.

I'll be the first to admit my couch and my Netflix subscription have been my best friend, keeping me company for hours on end. I'm not sure what most of us would do without all of these streaming services.

Taking a peek on social media, I started seeing a lot of people posting about a petition going around to get streaming services to not charge subscribers for the next 60 days.

People are pleading the case that since the stay-at-home orders are mandatory, we should get these streaming services to help with our mental health. Keeping our minds entertained is helping us keep our sanity.

The petition has been growing in popularity and initially started with a goal of 50,000 signatures and has well exceeded that already.

I get both sides. So many people are struggling right now. Not having to spend money for some entertainment would help so many people stay sane during this time. After all, these streaming services should really be hitting up the WiFi providers for money since I'm not watching any of their content without a connection.

Then we've got to think about these streaming content providers. They need us to continue to subscribe in order to pay to produce more original content. No income, no new content.

Personally, I have had my Netflix subscription for so long that I usually don't notice the monthly fee coming out. I mean, they should just allow sharing of passwords and more flexibility with how many people can watch on one account. I think they would be helpful. Or at least discounting their service during the pandemic.

Will I sign the petition? I don't know yet. Do you think you will sign it? Did you already?

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