Isaac Ramirez went viral on Instagram after revealing his cunning plan to save money when buying gifts for his wife.

In a video posted back in February, Ramirez showed users how he reverse engineered the notion of "putting your money where your mouth is."

In his viral post, he explained he kept cash meant for his then-girlfriend's Valentine's Day gift inside an envelope. (He and the woman have since gotten married.)

Ramirez explained that every time his wife Carolina "yelled" at him last year, he simply removed $1 from her Valentine's Day gift fund and redistributed the funds.

"Last year, I put $360 away for my fiancé's Valentine's gift, but I took away $1 every day she yelled at me," Ramirez wrote.

"Now her gift limit is $40, and I saved $320," he continued, revealing another enveloped stuffed with a stack of cash and decorated with a hand-drawn crown and the words "treat yourself king."

Ramirez's budgeting system perplexed Instagram users.

Some people applauded his method but questioned why he's in a relationship with her if she truly "yells" at him that often.

"Why are you still with her if she yelled at you almost every day the past year?" one person commented.

"I wonder who is the d--k in this relationship. Either he's doing stuff to get yelled at, or she just likes yelling. I'm so intrigued right now," another wrote.

"Why is she yelling at you then? Because she's a nag or because you are a d--k? One or both of you is a problem here," another viewer weighed in.

"Not a good relationship," someone else decided.

Others tried to weigh in with some relationship advice.

"Bro, rethink calling her fiancé. Something needs to be talked about," one person commented.

"I'd rather be single than be with someone like this," another wrote.

"This is a weird a-- thing to post… seems like an unhealthy relationship. One of y'all is toxic," someone else shared.

"You are toxic AF! You deserved to be yelled at. My life has been amazing since I divorced. Your wife's life would be better too. With divorce rates, you guys won't last," another person commented.

As for Ramirez, he and Carolina appear to have wed back in April. It's unclear what he ended up giving her for Valentine's Day.

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