Remember when you were a young child playing hide and seek, and your thought process was "if I can't see them they can't see me." So you would hide in obvious places, such as under a blanket. Although your body was not exposed, the shape of your body was still able to be seen. As a child, you didn't know that, but as an adult, you should know that...

Either this man did not understand that concept, or he was just desperate and out of places to hide.

The Belfast Police Department said they were called to the Admiral Ocean Inn around 9:30pm Sunday to remove a drunk man from the property.

Then, around 12:30am, the drunk guy showed up again.

Police say Philip Delude from Belfast was found hiding under a blanket in an outdoor chair.

Delude was charged with criminal trespassing and violating a condition of release.

He was taken to Waldo County Jail, where his bail was set at $100.

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