David Rush of Idaho recently claimed a new Guinness World Record for balancing an unpowered lawnmower on his chin for a whopping 30 minutes and 33 seconds.

Rush holds more than 200 Guinness World Records. He initially set the world record for the longest lawnmower chin balance in 2017 when he reached 5 minutes and 32 seconds.

While other competitors have broken his record over the years, Rush decided it was time to reclaim the record.

He attributes his success all to his mindset. In a video captured by TODAY and shared by Rush on YouTube, Rush recounts his experience: "The first 13 minutes were very painful, but when I got to about 15 minutes, while still incredibly painful, I went into the zone."

"The world seemed to fade away, and I felt like I could go longer than I previously thought possible," he says in the video.

Watch below:

Michael Empric, an adjudicator for Guinness World Records, surprised Rush on TODAY, informing him that two more of his records have been recognized.

This year, Rush is racing to secure 52 world records in just 52 weeks — and his mission is backed by an inspiring message.

"I wanted to give students this tangible example that if you set your mind to a goal, believe in yourself and pursue it with a passion, you can accomplish virtually anything," Rush told TODAY. "That's when I started breaking records as that tangible example."

According to Rush, the most challenging record he has achieved so far has been sprinting a 100-meter-run while juggling, blindfolded. As for the easiest, Rush said popping 10 balloons held by two people in 15.25 seconds was a breeze.

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