Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson are still fighting over the love fern from the romantic comedy How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, seventeen years after the movie debuted. McConaughey and Hudson relived the cinematic moment on their Instagram accounts on Friday (February 7).

The film follows magazine writer Andie (Hudson) after she was assigned to make a man fall in love with her in ten days for a feature. Andie found ad executive Ben (McConaughey) and the two began dating. During the scene from the film, Andie noticed that the symbol of their love (the love fern) had died, all while Ben was playing a game of poker with his friends.

The actor shared a photo from the scene where Ben and Andie were arguing over the “love fern.” He wrote, “that d—n fern,” and tagged his co-star.

Hudson immediately replied to his post. “That d—n fern…? That d—n fern?!?! YOU LET IT DIE!” she wrote alongside a heart emoji.

The playful banter comes after the film’s seventeenth anniversary, which premiered in theaters on January 27, 2003.

Hudson and McConaughey went on to star in several other romantic comedies after How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days before they reunited on Fool’s Gold in 2008.

Watch a clip of the scene, below.

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