LoCash rocked the stage at the 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival, just one day before their friend Tim McGraw arrived to headline Day 2 of the Hunter Mountain event. Prior to their performance, Chris Lucas and Preston Brust revealed how the song "Truck Yeah" — a Top 10 hit — came together. Brust says it was a "crazy day in the office" when they sat down with Chris Janson and Danny Myrick.

"This guy steps into the office and he says, 'No more songs about trucks guys. No songs.' And we said, 'Why?' And he said, 'No one is recording songs about trucks,'" Brust recalls, "And so he steps out of the room and Danny Myrick says, 'I say we write a song about trucks.' And we all kind of laughed and he looked at Chris, and Chris goes, 'I'm in.' And Chris Janson says, 'F yeah!" and I said, 'No, no, no. You mean Truck Yeah.'"

Brust adds that it was only a few weeks later that McGraw called and declared: "'I still record songs about trucks.' And it changed our lives. So thank you Tim McGraw."

The duo also took time to answer a fan question that came from the ToC Fest campground. "'This is from Dori from Cooperstown, New York,'" Brust reads. "'What is your drink of choice?'"

"Man, it's wine. Shipwrecked Wine!" Lucas exclaimed, taking advantage of the most-fitting question. That's our wine. That is an awesome question."

LoCash debuted their signature wine line in April. Catch the duo at Country Jam in Grand Junction, Colorado from June 18-21.

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