Oneonta Bus Lines was established in 1947 as a family owned and operated bus company. Over the past 65 years, it has only changed hands twice from the founding family and has grown into a nationally recognized entity in the motorcoach industry while still being family owned and operated. Today the company has two divisions: Eastern Travel - offering group motorcoach tours to the retail public through the published "Excursion" Magazine as well as Oneonta Bus Lines that continues to offer services to individuals, groups, companies, colleges, and school districts wishing to charter a motorcoach for a specific purpose.

Eastern Travel / Oneonta Bus Lines specializes in personalized customer service to its' wide variety of customers. Charter customers can simply request a transportation cost or a complete customized package with all the trip details completed by the knowledgeable office staff. Retail customers are serviced not only by a professional driver, but also by a company escort who manages the care and comfort of travelers as well as excursion details while traveling. The company has two primary goals for its' entire staff: to provide the utmost in quality customer service and safety from the initial contact with the company to the end of the travel experience.

They welcome YOU to experience their services and become part of their Eastern Travel / Oneonta Bus Lines traveling family as thousands of others have!