Shawn Holley has saved Lindsay Lohan's ass more times than anyone can count. So when Holley graciously accepted the troubled starlet back as a client, her first order of business was to make sure Lindsay paid the massive amount of money she still owed.

And in a bizarre twist? The ladies are now square.

TMZ is reporting that Linds has paid back the $150,000 in full -- while in rehab, no less -- probably due to the strict rules Shawn laid down to ensure she got what was hers, including paycheck earmarks and a rigid timetable.

Camp Lohan also says she's set aside future paychecks for her legal fund already in an attempt to avoid history repeating itself -- the smartest and most responsible thing she's done in quite a while.

Maybe there really is something to this whole rehab thing. Who knew?

Oh. Right.

Robert Downey Jr

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