Lindsay Lohan was scheduled to appear in a Los Angeles courtroom yesterday morning (April 8) for a recent deposition in a completely different lawsuit, but she didn't show up. Quelle surprise.

In this particular suit, LiLo and her assistant are being sued by paparazzo Grigor Balyan, who says the duo crashed into him in 2010 outside a nightclub in L.A., landing him in the hospital.

Sources tell TMZ that La Lohan's attorney in this matter, Julia Azrael, tried to contact Balyan's lawyers last week saying she couldn't get in touch with her client, but the deposition still wasn't rescheduled.

However, LiLo was spotted in New York at a sushi restaurant when she was supposed to be across the country giving her deposition. Because priorities.

Meanwhile, Balyan's counsel is working up papers asking a judge to order the actress actually appear in court. If she doesn't comply, a judgment will be made without her and she will be ordered to pay a fine.

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