We'll still have to wait until Feb. 19 to hear the whole album, but the third official single from Lil Wayne's upcoming 'I Am Not a Human Being II' has hit the web, and it's 'Rich As F---.'

A collaboration between Wayne and 2 Chainz, 'Rich' finds the two emcees rapping about, well, being rich -- as well as having unfettered access to some of the finer things in life, such as sex and controlled substances. It's vintage Weezy, in other words, and as Idolator notes, the fact that the leak comes from a noticeably low-quality rip of the song actually kind of reinforces its stuttering beat and slippery flow.

We haven't seen a complete confirmed track listing for 'Human Being II,' but between 'Rich' and some of the other Lil Wayne tracks that have surfaced recently (including first single 'My Homies Still,' the Detail-produced 'No Worries,' and the more recently leaked 'B----es Love Me,' featuring Drake and Future), it's looking like this could shape up to be one of his most consistent efforts in quite some time -- which would jibe with what he promised MTV last summer, saying, "We didn't rush the music ... I paid attention to everything I did. You're getting the quality of all my albums: 'Tha Carter IV,' 'Tha Carter III,' the same with this, 'I Am Not a Human Being II.' Hope you like it."

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