Fans of Lil Peep will be able to see a new side of the late rapper in an upcoming documentary.

Variety reported yesterday (Oct. 31) that a rep for Lil Peep’s estate confirmed that veteran director, producer and screenwriter Terrence Malick will executive produce the documentary based on the "Cry Alone" rapper's life. Although no other details about the film were provided, the rep did confirm that Malick is actually a friend of Peep's family.

While his loyal supporters wait for the doc to arrive, Peep's upcoming posthumous album, Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 2, is slated to drop Nov. 9 via Autnmy, a division of Access Records, under license to Columbia Records. Apparently, Peep, who died of an accidental drug overdose last November, had plenty of material stored away in his laptop prior to his death.

Recently, his mother Liza Womack said her son's forthcoming project would celebrate his legacy. At a listening session for the album at Manhattan's Ideal Glass Studios last month, Womack assured the fans and critics that his music was in the right hands and addressed all concerns regarding the posthumous release of his music in the future.

"What do you do when a young artist dies long before his time, leaving behind a legacy of finished and unfinished work and a legion of heartbroken fans? Well, I feel very proud of what Columbia Records has done with Gus' album," Peep's mother said, referring to a nickname for Peep's birth name, Gustav Elijah Åhr.

Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 2 doesn't appear to have any features, but will have both A and B sides.

Before the album debuts, a new video for the song "Runaway" has dropped on what would've been Peep's 22nd birthday. The visual, directed by the rapper's mother Liza Womack and Steven Mertens, features footage of Peep paired with creative backdrops like floral designs and scenes of a paper monster. "I run away from my problems/I do the drugs when I wanna/I ran away from my mama/Don't bother me with no drama," he delivers.

Watch Lil Peeps' "Runaway" video below.

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