Remember that image of the track listing from Kanye West's rumored new album 'Rich Black American'? Well, forget about it -- it was all a cruel hoax.

According to (via Comatose magazine), the whole thing is faker than a faux Gucci handbag being sold on New York's Canal street. So who was the dastardly troll that fooled the Internet?

Apparently, a user named XXXXXX started a thread in the forum of the Kanye West fansite and posted the photo with the fake iTunes track listing. After some mathematical research, the site's administrator, RatedK, was able to identify this person as a guy named Matt Closson, who tagged his final posts in the forum with @mvttclosson. Upon further inspection, we stumbled upon his Tumblr page, which is littered with photos of Yeezy and hip-hop's "It" rapper A$AP Rocky.

Nevertheless, we all feel duped but not necessarily upset. Here at PopCrush, we like to throw caution to the wind when things like unconfirmed photos or info goes viral on the web.

Despite this hoax, we hope that Kanye West is working on a new project. He has a lot going on in his life with his boo, Kim Kardashian, carrying his seed and upcoming concerts to rock. So he should have plenty of material to rap about on his official solo album.

What do you think about the Kanye West album hoax? Tell us in the comments below.

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