Justin Bieber fans are displeased by a Reddit post detailing a sticky situation between someone and their Belieber girlfriend in the forum's "Dating Advice" thread.

We've all been there before – if you didn't go through a Justin Bieber or One Direction phase, you're lying. But the Reddit post has stirred up a debate across both Reddit and Twitter.

"I'm trying to find my future wife. Someone I can take to company socials, networking events etc.," the person, who posts under the username u/Good_Worldliness_893, begins their post.

The first "sign of immaturity" the Reddit user points out is that "she talks about 'her love for a married man,'" a.k.a. Bieber.

"[She] posts 'I love you so much' on his live stories," they continue.

The nail in the coffin for the relationship? The Reddit user explains "the breaking point was watching her cry at his concert."

"I may just be a different breed, but this seems like a sign of immaturity to me," u/Good_Worldliness_893 continues, before asking: "I love certain artists as much as the next person as a HUGE music fan, but idolization to this extent seems a little juvenile, am I wrong here?"

In the comments, some disagreed with the Reddit user's assessment that the girlfriend is immature just because she's a big fan.

"Overall, your post just feels a bit judgmental, and if you know that this is something you cannot get over, then leave. Otherwise you just have to accept this side of her and not make her feel badly for it," one commenter wrote.

On the other hand, some comments agreed with the post and sympathized with them on the topic.

"I have a friend, same age, overly obsessed with a K-pop group and I understand your point of view completely," another user wrote.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Bieber fans were less than enthused, with someone pointing out the extreme lengths some sports fans will go to for their favorite teams.

In any event, Bieber himself has yet to weigh in on the matter.

We have a feeling his wife, Hailey, who was a Belieber prior to marrying the pop star, would likely disagree with the Reddit post.

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